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Elevating Defense-in-Depth. Moot Orchestrates Your Security, All While Using Existing Tools.

Teaser screenshot of the commission privileged device screen of the Moot Security Management product.

Used by infrastructure and security teams across organizations of all sizes

Banker's Caddy

“Moot helped our team transform our cloud posture and automated our security beyond what our team could manage, which has been critical for building trust with our customers in the financial sector. They’ve distilled the Microsoft Security stack into a single useable platform and puts it to work for you!”

Diocese of Savannah

“My team and I manage IT for over 30 sites locations but are a small team which makes it difficult to onboard users to all the different security products we have purchased. Moot automates the orchestration of each user to a one-two click experience. We’re now able to scale out all the security work we had planned over multiple years far faster, thanks to their platform.”

Cross Link Consulting

“Our team at Cross Link understands risks and incident response, but Moot’s expertise lies in creating a known-clean infrastructure. There’s no other solution that handles the complex tasks of ensuring the hardware, firmware, and software begin and remain in a known-good state. Moot then collaborated with our team to extend this secure foundation into our other authentication mechanisms and toolsets, greatly simplifying our SSO efforts. They easily saved us 1 or more years of complex effort, and our workflows are so much smoother today.”

Most organizations already own the tools that would prevent most breaches.

$9.44 Million

Global average cost of a data breach


Cost of a Data Breach Report, IBM

84% of breaches involve privileged credentials…


DBIR, Verizon

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