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Unlock advanced workloads by automating the foundation that everything is built on.

Manage Your Baselines at Scale

Your baselines don’t need to be difficult, just add a device to management and it will automatically get the foundation that unlocks AI, secures against most common attacks, and enhances productivity by making security transparent instead of getting in the way of your employees.

List of managed devices in the enterprise security class of the Moot Security Management product.
Screenshot of a privileged user (Tara Love) assigned to a privileged device in the Moot Security Management product

Privileged Security

Least privilege (micro segmentation) doesn’t stop at user account’s assigned permissions, it applies to the networking, operating system, and even the hardware that your privileged users use.

Moot uses separate user accounts and devices so that your normal user experience is not broken. This allows us to get you from zero to hero quickly without breaking anything.

User Management

The user lifecycle management engine in Moot Security Management (MSM) automates user onboarding and offboarding, ensuring smooth management across security classes. It simplifies assignments, permissions, and configurations, enhancing efficiency and security practices, providing a robust solution for maintaining user identities.

Screenshot of the privileged lifecycle management screen for users where 5 users are currently being managed in the Moot Security Management product
Screenshot of the privileged device management screen where 5 devices are commissioned in the Moot Security Management product

Device Management

Discover how Moot Security Management’s advanced device lifecycle management engine efficiently automates device onboarding and decommissioning processes. Say goodbye to manual hassles and embrace a streamlined approach that ensures optimal device management across various security classes. Our solution simplifies configurations, guaranteeing a secure environment for maintaining devices while optimizing their lifecycle within your organization. Experience hassle-free device management and enhance security with Moot Security Management’s innovative solutions.

Support Included

At Moot, we take immense pride in providing unparalleled customer satisfaction, which is why we offer inclusive support with every purchase. When you buy our products, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts who are ready to assist you throughout your entire journey. Unlike other providers, we passionately believe in delivering exceptional value without burdening you with additional charges for support add-ons. Therefore, this approach ensures that our customers receive continuous assistance, prompt resolutions to queries, and guidance at no extra cost. Emphasizing the benefits of this all-inclusive support, we guarantee a seamless and worry-free experience, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

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